Commercial Finance

In addition to residential home loans, we also have access to a wide range of business and commercial finance (both bank and non-bank).

As a business person you will no doubt have experienced frustration in identifying which lender provides the best possible structure for your borrowing requirements. There are a number of factors which determine what deal you receive from a commercial lender. They include: type of business, length / terms of leases, industry experience, type of security, relevant licenses and the list goes on.

Through the relationships we have with a number of different Business / Commercial lenders, we may be able to help you obtain a better deal. A better deal is not always necessarily based on rate only. There are a number of different aspects of a finance deal which may assist your business. For example:

  • Better loan terms (interest only or longer ‘principle and interest’ arrangements)
  • Credit lines – helping you utilise equity in your assets
  • Higher loan to value ratios
  • A complete banking relationship
  • Documentation – a no doc/low doc may be more suitable
  • Ongoing fees
  • Cheaper and more flexible banking arrangements (overdrafts etc)

The combined mix of these factors, matched with the right lender, can lead to reduced borrowing costs and / or improved cash flow for your business.

Essentially any loan which is for the purpose of business or involves non-residential property is considered “commercial” and is transacted via the commercial area of the lenders. Even if the security is residential and the purpose is for business or commercial property, then it is deemed “commercial”.

What our clients say

Listened to our needs and ensured we were comfortable

“My partner and I recently met with Blue Key Finance in search of a home loan. Buying your first home can be a daunting task but the assistance and extensive information Blue Key Finance provided us has now put our mind at ease.

Matt was willing to spend the time to listen to our needs and ensure we were comfortable with the lender and product we chose. This thorough and personal approach has ensured that we feel secure in moving forward with our endeavour.

We highly recommend the services of Blue Key Finance based on Matt’s knowledge of products and willingness to assist us in a highly professional manner.”

Tanya Howat, Australia