Low doc loans

“For self-employed applicants with limited income documentation”

Many overlook one sector of the market which is stable, and growing steadily. That’s the low doc sector. “Low doc” loans or also known as “Alt doc” loans are simply loan applications where a self employed applicant cannot prove their true annual income from traditional sources of documentation. Here, relative regulatory stability has allowed the non-banks to introduce new products, particularly in the prime and non-prime space.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen many changes to the “low doc” market:

  • Tighter serviceability criteria
  • More proof of income required
  • Lower maximum ‘loan to value ratios’ (LVRs)
  • Various lenders pulling out of this space
  • Additional interest rate loading

Our experience and expertise enables us to place your loan request to the right lender the first time.

What our clients say

Matt has helped my family, friends and I

“I have personally used Blue Key Finance services and highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a loan for any reason. I found with Blue Key Finance I was kept up to date and highly informed with the status of my loan application. Matt has helped my family, friends and I with personal loans, credit cards and home loans. If you’re thinking about a loan for any reason STOP and think about it and call Blue Key Finance, they have all the answers.”

Brian Campbell