How do I reduce loan quicker?

Everyone deserves to learn as many suggestions on how to reduce loan quicker, let’s face it, who wants to have an owner occupied debt in retirement?

Here’s some of the main tips we want to share with you now on learning to reduce loan quicker:

Reduce loan quicker

  • Pay more frequently than monthly – with fortnightly repayments you will actually be making one additional repayment a year. However, for this to be effective it is important that you ask your lender to halve your monthly repayments rather than recalculating them
  • Make extra repayments above the minimum – even $80 a month on a $200,000 loan at 7.32% will save you 3 years and 3 months off your loan term
  • Extra money like inheritance, a good tax return, a bonus from work should be credited into your home loan. If you have a redraw facility you still have access to this extra repayment when needed
  • Make your first repayment at settlement
  • Consider a 100% savings offset account
  • Salary crediting: you can use a credit card with a good interest free period to pay for your regular living expenses and at the end of the month have the card ‘swiped’ (or paid off) against the home loan
  • If interest rates fall ask your lender to leave your repayments as is
  • Do a regular stock take on your home loan. A loan may start off as good but have its competitiveness eroded by increased fees or rates, or by the introduction of better priced products on the market
  • Interest repayments on an owner occupied home loan are non tax-deductible, which means it makes good sense to give priority to paying off your home loan quickly instead of directing funds towards paying off investment loans or having them sit in low interest-bearing deposit accounts (where any interest received will also be taxed).

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Matt Carra

Matt Carra

Matt Carra is the Owner of Blue Key Finance, a Finance Broker since 2004, an SMSF Lending Specialist, a Property Investment Educator, and a Mentor to new Finance Brokers entering the finance industry. Matt is passionate about providing valuable guidance and honest advice, educating Australians on how to buy their first homes and invest successfully while protecting them with knowledge. Matt has strong long-term relationships with his panel of lenders and extensive knowledge on their credit policies, and utilises that skillset to give you peace of mind by recommending you to the right lender the first time, to negotiate a better deal, and to fight for your cause – that’s Matt’s commitment to you. Contact Matt today to start the conversation on 0425 726 538 or email