Budget planner

Conducting a regular budget is just as important as obtaining the right home loan for your specific needs. Our comprehensive budget planner is a great tool for our clients which will enlighten you with a reality check as to what you earn vs. what you spend each month resulting in an actual savings or dissavings amount.

At Blue Key Finance we believe a budget planner needs to be as comprehensive as the one we have built as this will provide you with a real budget outcome.

The first step to saving is finding out where your money goes – then  you can set about making realistic cuts. Most people know how much money is coming into their household, but a surprising number do not know where it goes. They only know it often runs out and then they use their credit card.

The key to controlling your money rather than it controlling you is to spend less than you earn.

Budget Planner

Access our comprehensive Budget Planner by clicking on the following link:

Download Budget Planner – Completing this budget planner will help you work towards building up your deposit, savings and help you reduce your loans quicker. This budget planner will also make sure that once you do have a home loan that keeping on top of repayments, without major lifestyle sacrifices, is a breeze.

What you need to put away each month

Use our ‘Savings Calculator’ in the sidebar to help you calculate how much savings you need to put aside on a regular basis so you can reach your particular goal.

We recommend you visit the Government’s website www.moneysmart.gov.au for further finance guidance.

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