Bad Credit Loans

“10 – 15% of the community have had credit problems, our panel of non-conforming lenders offer an open mind and an understanding approach”.

Our panel of non-conforming lenders serve a broad cross-section of the community, providing solutions for:

  • Borrowers with credit problems looking to put them in their past (for example, currently in home loan arrears, paid or unpaid defaults still showing on your credit report, discharged bankrupts),
  • Start up businesses with an Australian Business Number of less than two year,
  • Those wanting to pay off their tax debts,
  • Payout of other non-conforming lenders, private and/or solicitor finance,
  • Unlimited debt consolidation,
  • Successful business people raising working capital to expand their current ventures,
  • Entrepreneurs in the early stages of starting a business,
  • Contractors working on a variety of short term projects,
  • People who are consolidating credit cards / store cards to reduce their monthly repayments,
  • Property investors raising funds to purchase another property,
  • Recent divorcees funding the division of their assets, and
  • Recent arrivals to the country.

When your bank, or any major bank shows a disinterest in your finance request, rest assured we’ll have a lender that is willing to provide you finance for any purpose.

Contact us now to start the conversation around your unique finance requirements.

What our clients say

Everyone loved my Finance Broker

“Mortgage advice, Blue Key Finance has been amazing. I’ve had positive feedback from the real estate agent, Conveyancer and Bank regarding my Finance Broker.

Willie Alefaio