Beat the mortgage stress

Beat the mortgage stress

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Shouldi go fixed or variable?

Fixed vs variable home loans

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handing over keys

5 ways to make settlement day stress-free

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Group of friends

Loans involving family and friends

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What you need to consider when buying your second property

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Buy your home sooner rather than later

Australia has one of the highest levels of home ownership in…
Buyer's Agent

Could a buyer's agent be your secret weapon?

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Tax variation form

Investors can boost their cash flow by applying for a tax variation

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Interest only loans

What you need to know about interest-only home loans

An interest-only home loan is a product that allows you to obtain…

First time auction tips and tricks

Savvy buyers will know to keep their auction techniques well-honed.…
Negative & positive gearing

Negative and positive gearing

Profit or loss Many people borrow to invest, this is called…
For sale, sold

How do I know what my property is worth?

What is that property worth? One of the hardest parts about…
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Moving house checklist

Moving house can be daunting and stressful or it can be an easy…

What is rentvesting? And what are the benefits?

Rentvesting. It's a whole new world in today's popular culture,…
Mortgage offset account

Pay less interest on your home loan with 100% offset

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Land tax

Ways to minimise land tax on an investment portfolio

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Joint account

Risks and benefits of joint accounts

One account, two names Opening a joint account with your partner…
High rise complex

Tips and traps of off the plan apartments for Self-Managed Super Funds

Buying a Property and establishing a Self-Managed Superannuation…

How to avoid lenders mortgage insurance

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5 trends affecting property investors

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